This is an excerpt from the MOMentity article “Surviving the world of airbrushed images and perceived perfect parents” published last Wednesday in Motherhood Matters on

Waiting in the doctor’s office, I flip through a magazine. Inside the pages are pictures of beautiful women posing as mothers. Their blouses are wrinkle-free with no sign of stains. Their shoes are darling. The children standing next to them are perfectly poised and dressed in swanky little outfits. Their skin is flawless and their teeth are bright white.

I remind myself they are airbrushed and professionally posed. The reminder is necessary even though I have fresh highlights in my hair.

I login to my new Pinterest app and see decadent cupcakes in darling cupcake liners. I find a picture of a fancy chicken dish with healthy vegetables topped with a sprig of parsley — which is apparently super easy to make even though it looks really hard.

There are also images of tight tummies showing no signs of pregnancy and parents who list 101 memorable things I should be doing with my children but am not.

I remind myself the pictures are taken with really nice cameras and Pinners only pin their wishes, hopes and ideals. The reminder is necessary even though I make cute cupcakes and bounced back after delivering twins.

I check my Facebook feed. Life is inflated over there, too.

Every day, every single one of us fights this same battle of accepting ourselves for who we are or comparing ourselves to these perfect images. With the media constantly surrounding us, it’s any wonder that we as mothers have any self-worth at all….

Join me over at Motherhood Matters on for the 4 ways we can stop comparing ourselves to others.

Have you been able to stop comparing yourself? I still work at it.