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Studio 5 June 2014: Turn An Acquaintance into a Friend

My Craft Channel Fall 2013: Magnetic Routine Boards | Comfort Weighted Blankets

Studio 5 August 2013: Keeping Summer Sanity

Mormon Times March 2013: Armor Your Children devotional series

Studio 5 December 2012: Kids & Technology Toolkit

KSL TV/The Browser 5.o May 2012: MOMentity Website Launch

Radio & Podcast Interviews

Live on Purpose Radio with Dr. Paul Jenkins November 2016: Listen here

The Matt Townsned Show October 2016: Listen here

Money Ripples with Chris Miles May 2015: Listen here

The Nightside Project June 2012: Radio Interview

Syndicated Column

Biweekly column in Family Focus on (various articles): “3 ways to increase your self-worth as a mother”

Deseret News Service (various articles): “12 things I know because I’m a mom” “How to manage after a meltdown”

NewsOK (various articles): “3 ideas to create deliberate moments with your children

Imperial Vally Press (various articles) and The Signal: “7 ideas to turn an acquaintance into a friend”

Bloomington Herald Times: “How to stop yelling at our kids”

Daily American: “How to stop yelling at our kids”

Central KY News: “How to stop yelling at our kids”

Aberdeen News: “How to stop yelling at our kids”

Blog Features

Coupons Daily March 2014: “Do you know your financial worth as a mother?”

Startup Princess March 2013: “How to be an entrepreneur and MOM at the same time”

Conference Presentations

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