What is MOMentity?

MOMentity is a community for busy mothers of all ages. We reach out to all the moms who feel lost or buried within motherhood. All the moms who feel overwhelmed. All the moms who feel guilty about their role as a mother, wonder about the dreams they left behind, and seek a balance between identity and motherhood.  We call that balance MOMentity.

The MOMentity Process consists of six simple steps we call resolutions. Moms who apply the MOM Resolutions in their lives have found greater peace as a mother, a renewed desire to pursue their dreams, and an increased devotion to their families.

The MOM Resoltuions are:

  1. I Am Valuable
  2. Dreams Are Real
  3. Define & Protect My Roles
  4. Leverage My Time
  5. Cherish My Children
  6. Everyone Needs Playdates

MOMentity believes families are important and dreams are too!

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