Mothers of Magnitude are women who want to dream big for themselves and their families. Women who want to reach their full potential as an individual while they become a Mother of Magnitude within their homes.

They are mothers of great importance, mothers of moral greatness.

But they don’t start out that way. It’s a process — an intentional process.

At some point Mothers of Magnitude have  found themselves hiding in the bathroom or escaping inside a closet for just a moment of quiet — a quick break from the chaos.

They might not admit it, but sometimes (maybe often) motherhood has brought them to tears. Tears of stress and frustration and lack of sleep.

They love their kids but miss their identity.

They decide there must be a better way.  And, through the MOM Resolutions and the Mothers of Magnitude Academy, they find it! They breathe again. They realize their moral greatness and understand the great importance they are in their homes.

We invite you to become a Mother of Magnitude with us!

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Being a member of the Mothers of Magnitude Academy is valued at $250 a month.  But I want every mom to have access to these resources.  So, you can choose if you’d like a monthly membership, 3-month membership or 6-month membership.

Give it a try! You owe it to yourself to get the support you need to be your best self as a mom and individual. We are so excited to have you join us! 

monthly membership3month membership6month membership

Monthly memberships can be cancelled at anytime. Three and six-month packages are set to renew after the time-period has ended and can also be cancelled if needed.
So what are you waiting for!?