Dear Dream Builder,

People will call you selfish. When you make the choice to believe in your dream and believe in YOU believing in your dream, they will call you selfish.


As you make changes and progress to that place where dreams meet reality, people who think they know you will call you selfish. To them it will seem as if you are crazy for thinking you can hope for more and reach for more. But, remember you can. You can live your dreams and offer your spouse and children a wonderful you — a better you.

It really is possible. Just remember to stay close to your values. Make sure you spiritually ground yourself daily and put your own family first. If you believe your dream is what God intended you to do, He will provide a way for you to be both a parent and dream builder, and you will be a better person because of it all.

This is what those naysayers won’t understand. They won’t feel your dream or the testament you received of your dream’s value. They can’t hear the dream pounding inside you. They don’t see how this process of reaching deep, dreaming big and stretching far is refining you as a person.

What they will see is change; a shift in perspectives. Often their relationship with you is affected by those changes and that is hard. Sometimes your dream stirs up their dreams or insecurities and that can be uncomfortable for them. It is possible that they even see the new light and passion in your eyes and if it hasn’t been there before, it will scare them.

In their fear, they will call you selfish.

But it’s O.K.

You will find people who have been there before, people who have dreamed big and lived big. They will put their arm around you and they will show you where to go next. They will support you, uplift you and inspire you to keep dreaming.

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You are not selfish for wanting more in life. You are not selfish for giving a voice to that pounding in your chest. You are not selfish for making sacrifices to make it all happen. You are brave. You are bold. You are honest and true. And you are better than you were before all of this. You offer more than you could previously because you are a dream builder and you are showing others how to dream big, just like you.

So go build your dream, don’t look back. We are in this together!

With Love,

A Fellow Dream Builder