Three of my four children have August birthdays. Talk about a CRAZY month around here! I was glad to see September.

I already posted about the twin’s Train Birthday Party. And now I’m so excited to show you my 5-year-old’s Angry Birds Birthday Party! (In full disclosure, I tried so hard to convince him a Chuck E. Cheese party would be cool. It would have been less work for me. No luck.)

So we invited 12 five-year-olds over, and got “angry” while we stayed happy.

When the kids arrived, they got to decorate foam visors (purchased at the party store)with Angry Bird cutouts available as a free download over here.

I used the same Angry Bird printable to make these tissue pom-pom Angry Birds and then I hung them from the tree!


I found a Pig King pinata at the party store but I also found some Angry Birds Pinatas online and the kids loved trying to knock him down!

Then we played a balloon stomp game and a life-size version of Angry Birds.

Balloon Stomp

I tied a green balloon around each child’s right ankle and then took an angry bird sticker and stuck it to the top of their left foot. Then they tried to use their Angry Bird foot to pop the green “Pig” balloons.

Life-size Angry Bird Game

I’d seen versions of this game on Pinterest. I collected boxes and styrofaom and wrapped (most of) them in butcher paper. Then we took some more green balloons (a.k.a. pigs) and stuck them anywhere we could.

I was able to find some actual Angry Bird playground balls at Walmart. (Score!)  The kids took turns throwing or kicking the balls and knocking down the boxes.

full size angry bird game

5th birthday party Angry Birds

My Birthday Boy!


To keep kid parties simple, I usually just do cupcakes and those ice cream cups with the wooden spoons.  These are my versions of various cupcakes I saw on Pinterest.

For the green pig, I cut a marshmallow in 1/3 and stuck it on top of the cupcake, iced over it and added green sprinkles. The eyes are mini marshmallows cut in half.

The red and yellow birds, I started by piping frosting. Their white belly is a marshmallow cut in 1/3, sticky side down. Their eyes are 1/2 mini marshmallows, sticky side down.

The blue bird is just icing except for the eyes, which are 1/2 mini marshmallows.

The kids LOVED them!!

Look at the destruction left behind?!

Party Favors

I ran regular old brown paper bags through the printer to get the angry bird image on them. Did you know you can do that? Here’s how.

Inside the bags were:

  • A pencil
  • Angry Bird notebook (found at Office Max)
  • Angry Bird fruit snacks
  • Angry Bird stickers
  • Pop-Its!

I placed a Black Bird wrap on the pop-its (since the black bird is the explosive bomb).

The party was a “SMASHING” hit! LOL!

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