Have you seen this video?

This is Jennifer Livingston. She is a morning news anchor in La Crosse, Wisconsin and she has a bully—a cyber bully.

But Jennifer is standing up for herself and for all the girls and women who also feel bullied. I know this is a topic mostly reserved for our children. But I’m curious, are you bullied?

Are there people out there in your real world (or cyber world) who bully you? Are there people who make you feel less than the remarkable individual that you are?

If so, my heart aches for you. And I pray, that you can see yourself for who you REALLY are. You are more than the material the bully uses to belittle you. Jennifer tells it how it is:

“You are more than the number on a scale…Do not let your self-worth be defined by bullies.”

Where do your bullies come from? How do you carry on in-spite of them? What can WE do to support and strengthen you?

Crazy, Magnificent Love,