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Month SEVEN is ready! This is a very special edition for the Easter holiday — one week dedicated to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and one week to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

PLUS I have added a Topic Guide inside the download for easy access!

breakfast scripture study for children

Here is the content we have covered so far:

Week 1: Kindness
Week 2: Service
Week 3: Honesty
Week 4: Knowledge/Learning
Week 5: Trust in God
Week 6: Obedience
Week 7: Light
Week 8: Fear
Week 9: Holy Ghost
Week 10: Citizenship
Week 11: Commandments
Week 12: Thanksgiving
Week 13: Peace
Week 14: Spiritual Gifts
Week 15: Charity
Week 16: Nativity Story (special Christmas edition)
Week 17: Covenants
Week 18: Abrahamic Covenant
Week 19: New & Everlasting Covenant
Week 20: Other Covenants
Week 21: Faith
Week 22: Courageous Qualities
Week 23: Family Love
Week 24: Adversity & Trials

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Week 25: Chaste & Virtuous
Week 26: Judge NOT
Week 27: Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Week 28: Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Update 8/28/2014:

This series went live TWO years ago this week. I am honored to have created these and feel that I was just the instrument the Lord used to create something to strengthen His children. I’ve been overwhelmed by the popularity of these devotionals for your family. In fact, this series has been picked up by a publisher and will be available in a book and ebook in January 2015 in a book store near you!

In the mean time, I STILL want you to have the Armor Your Children series for FREE. I’ve now got 32 weeks completed and ready to send to your inbox. All you have to do is print and go!

It just may be the most important 3 minutes you offer your school-bound children each day.

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