As a mama of identical twin boys, personal identity is a big deal at our home. I often wonder what it would be like to have someone in the world — your best friend — who happens to look just like you.


A few months ago it was time to transition the boys from toddler beds to bunk beds and I was faced with the challenge: how do I decorate their shared room and keep their individual identity?

Whether you also have twins sharing a room or even just siblings bunking up together, here are some ideas I used to preserve their individuality, even in a shared space.

bedroom decorating tips for twins identity

Pick a Color Scheme

One little guy wanted a Batman room and the other is crazy about Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The only way to make them both happy was to unite their passions with color. I decided on red, blue and aqua. Truthfully, they happened to be be the colors that matched both pirate and superhero sheets. And for extra personalization, we added a Pirate Jake doll and Batman doll for the top of their bed.

jake doll

DSC_0015 1

Pirate Sheets
Justice League Sheets
Stripped Quilt Set

Pick a Feeling

I wanted the room to feel fun and playful. The artwork we chose (more details below) and a fun fabric pennant banner across an entire wall are definitely fun. So fun, that the boys point to the banner in their room and say, “it’s a party in our room every day!”

Want to add a fabric banner to your house? Here is a tutorial by Leigh Ann of (Different from this tutorial, I actually used pinking shears to cut out the banner triangles.)

fabric banner toddler art

Add Personalized Touches

I thought it was really important for the boys to have their own personal touch in their bedroom. I saw this tutorial for easy canvas art on Pinterest and knew I HAD to do it with them! They had so much fun!


And I have to say, I LOVE how it turned out!

child art

Use Monograms

My boys have always latched on to their names, more so than my other kids. It’s as if their name is the foundation of their identity. Because of that, I thought using their initials all over their room would be perfect. I fell in love with button pillows I saw on Pinterest. But please know, these take a LONG time. You are, after all, hand-sewing each button!

Letter Pillows

DSC_0013 1

But my favorite thing in the entire room is their silhouettes. You guys, I am CRAZY about these silhouettes!

People ask me all the time how I tell the twins apart. Of course I’m their mom and see lots of differences, but the shape of their head is the number one distinctive feature.  “Baby A” spent the whole time in the birth canal and “Baby B” was born breach, his head hardly squished at all.

These silhouettes were so easy to make! I’m wishing I did them for all my kids (and maybe I still will). I can’t find the actual tutorial I used but this is a good one. Except, I just printed my photos on white card stock on my printer, cut them out, flipped them over and painted them black.

DSC_0011 1