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The importance of learning to “Mom Network”

This article was originally published on in Motherhood Matters. Cynthia Bee knows firsthand the power that networking can have — especially for stay-at-home mothers. In 2004, Bee and her sister, Jennifer Scott, had a vision to create an amazing play experience for the children in their rapidly growing West Jordan community. They rallied their friends, who rallied their friends, and they created the “Minivan Mom Brigade.” Soon politicians, local businesses, religious organizations and even a few Fortune 500 companies joined their ranks and shared the vision of a community-built playground. One year later — with the help of...

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MOM Resolution #6: Everyone Needs Playdates

Years ago I remember a phone conversation I had with a long-time friend. We were at two very different stages in life. She had four children and had just gone back to school. She had new friends and new adventures in her life. She had just told me about some of the new, extreme sports she had taken up like paragliding and rock climbing. Then she asked me, “so what do YOU do for fun?” I sank in my chair. I had no idea. I had nothing to say. At the time, my second child was only a few...

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