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The After-school Sensory Diet – guest post

October is National Sensory Awareness Month and I’m so excited to welcome Ilana Danneman as our guest author today. Ilana is a mom, Physical Therapist and Creative Director of I remember a distinct conversation I had with my own PT about the CRAZY meltdowns my son had regularly – all right after school. She told me my son was holding everything in all day, trying so hard to follow the rules and then would lose control as soon as that bell rang. We had meltdowns in front of the school, meltdowns on the bike path home from school,...

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Self-care is NOT Selfish {with Julie de Azevedo Hanks}

I am so excited to welcome a special guest post today from Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW. Julie is a licensed therapist, self-care evangelist, media personality, owner of Wasatch Family Therapy, and author of The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide For Overwhelmed Women. Her brand new book is available on August 6th!  Julie is here today to take on a HUGE Motherhood Myth: Taking good care of myself is selfish. [ba-divider style=”solid” color=”#ff6677″] Myth: Taking good care of myself is selfish Truth: Taking care of myself is smart and necessary for a selfless life. About ten years ago I received a letter from a young mom named Kim, who had attended one...

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What do you do when being a Mommy doesn’t feel like enough? {Guest Post}

I am honored to Guest Post today over at My Mommy Style! What do you do when being a Mommy doesn’t feel like enough?? Did you know motherhood would be so hard? I was sorely unprepared for the difficulty of the task. If anyone prepped me, I didn’t listen. And as a mom, I’ve had a breakdown or two (or twelve hundred). The biggest of which happened 18 months ago. Where do I begin… I met my husband downtown for our Valentine’s lunch date. The restaurant was fancy, the food was excellent and the company even better. But the...

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