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3 suggestions to enhance a mom’s early morning routine

You know those mornings that you wake up to your children. A little high-pitched voice comes from a short, shadowy person standing uncomfortably close to your face, “Mommy, I’m hungry. I want breakfast.” You groan and roll over, but they are persistent — and hungry. You mumble something about how you’ll “be right there,” or how “it’s really too early for breakfast,” and then manage to pull yourself out of bed and enter the lion’s den. In the morning, I’m groggy and my brain doesn’t work quickly. I lack patience and don’t handle things like a kitchen full of hungry kids...

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MOM Resolution #4: Leverage My Time

Once you have decided your most important roles, it’s time to make time for them! I know this is tricky. It seems there is never enough time. When I was first learning to Leverage My Time, my twin toddlers had just gone from two naps a day to one. Losing that extra two hours a day was already sending me spinning! I could hardly find time to shower! But my new goals were important to me. Joy from living at my full potential was important to me.  It was time to control my time, not allowing my time (or...

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