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MOM Resolution #2: Dreams Are Real

Dreams are a funny thing. We’re not talking about the kind of dreams that come to us in our sleep.  We’re talking about real dreams. Goals and desires that rest in our soul. Many of them have been living there for as long as we can remember. Dormant. Some of them placed in us before we even came to be. Dreams are what we’ve always hoped to do, what we’ve always loved to do, what we were born to do. We can try to stifle them, or re-prioritize them but they will—at the most inconvenient times—resurface and pound on...

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MOM Resolution #1: I Am Valuable

I met my husband downtown for our Valentine’s lunch date. The restaurant was fancy, the food was excellent and the company even better. But the minute he asked me how I was doing, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I should be happier than this. I was surrounded by blessings. So why did I feel such an empty spot? My husband and I had a great conversation that afternoon.  And I had an aw-haw moment. I realized the admiration he had for me. I realized how important I was to my children. I remembered the value I once saw...

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