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How to Create Deliberate Moments With Your Kids (video and printable)

Happy Friday! Although as moms, we don’t really get a weekend off! LOL! I wanted to post something to give you some encouragement to get you through. Here’s a little video sharing “How to Create Deliberate Moments With Your Kids” Hope it helps you reengage with your kiddos.  Don’t miss the printable below it. 😉  Click here to download this 1-page printable that matches the video above:...

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Instagram Contest: win a Story@Home conference pass

The Story@Home Conference is right around the corner! I hope you come along and join me.  We all have a story to tell and I’ll be talking about how to Live Your Story and Love Your Life. And to make things even more fun (and easier for you to come along) Story@Home just kicked off an Instagram contest today. The prize? A full-conference pass valued at $79!!! Here are the details: The contest runs February 20th through February 24th. Snap a picture you think tells a story. (Examples include family, friends, places, events, mementos — anything that has meaning for you.)...

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You Should See My Heart

This is one of my favorites! It’s a throw-back from 2012 (and one of the stories in my manuscript). [ba-imagedivider style=”shadow”] The same thing happens every time I go out in public with all four of my kids. Strangers stop me.  I’ll admit I must look odd toting a toddler on each hip, especially if I have two more kids trailing behind. These strangers tell me things like “you must be busy” and “what a crazy life.”  I hope they don’t really mean, “you look frazzled.” Although by the time I get to the checkout line I’m sure I...

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