This week over on Facebook, some of the moms in the Mothers of Magnitude Sisterhood were talking about Christmas traditions.

We had lots of traditions in common like opening new pajamas and reading the nativity story on Christmas Eve. (It’s so cool to see how much we have in common when we just take the time to ask. Motherhood is like that.)

My Favorite Tradition 

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is reading a book that I found in my college bookstore way back when my kids were only an idea. It’s called I Believe in Santa Claus by Diane G. Adamson. It is beautifully illustrated and tells of wonderful similarities of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus. Love. This. Book.

So much so that I bought FOUR copies this year—one for each of my kiddos when they are big.

A New Tradition

This year (against my best judgement) we also adopted an Elf On The Shelf.

I wasn’t a fan of one more thing for me to do each night. Seriously, I am busy enough. But my daughter wrote to Santa asking for one (because her Aunt tipped her off that she could do that) and I caved. Plus I remembered what I LOVE from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, “The days are long but the years are short.”

One day really soon I’ll have kids too big for a Scout Elf. No regrets, right?

Plus, I bargained the North Pole for a REALLY GOOD elf who never makes messes or plays any jokes. The worst she has done is hang upside down and bring the kids a little candy. As I see it, I already have enough little people to clean up after each day!

So, I’m curious…

What traditions do you keep up with even if you don’t want to? WHY?

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