As I was blow-drying my hair yesterday I was thinking about you.

I wondered, “Do you know how magnificent you really are?”  I hope you can answer “YES!” but I fear your answer really is “no…”

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  What do you really see?

Sometimes (OK lots of the time) I see the crazy hair I’m fixing or the dark circles I’m covering up. I see the lines on my face that weren’t there before. I see the way past pregnancies have changed my body, my skin.

My eyes often look tired. Mostly because they are. Do your eyes look tired too?

But then I look into my eyes—through the window that leads to my soul and I see me for who I really am. Not the stretch marks, dark circles or grown-out roots. But the heart full of love for my children. The soul aching to connect with God each day and Ground myself. The short, jagged fingernails (I’m a nail bitter) on the fingers that love to type and connect to you.

Yes, we have physical bodies with flaws and things we’d change if we could and sometimes we do. But we are not defined by our physical bodies. We are spiritual beings. We have existed this way longer than we know. We are full of love and a desire to do good. We want to accept and support, survive and thrive. We feel joy. We were made for joy. We are truly magnificent. Do you know that?

Do you know how magnificent you really are? Do you know of your magnitude?

I do. Your God does.  I hope you do too.