You know those products that stop and make you say, “why didn’t I think of that?” I have a new one for you! This is a fabulous mom-invention. The brain-child of my friend Jordan from Fun Cheap or Free.
I discovered this new nursing cover I’m obsessed with called The Bomb Shelter. And no, I’m not even a nursing mom! It’s a full-coverage, 360-degree cover that allows you to nurse on-the-go in complete confidence. You could literally be nursing in the middle of the park while pushing your older child on a swing, and not flash anything to anyone! Or maybe I could have pulled off nursing my twins at once without vacating to a back room, all by my lonesome.
A few of my favorite features include an elastic neckline that allows you to check on baby without allowing anyone else to take a peek.
Bomb Shelter Nursing Cover
It also has sleeves so you can burp baby or multi task without having to rearrange your clothes.
nursing cover bomb shelter
It’s in this cute aqua/mint color that is gender neutral so it’s perfect whether you have a boy or girl!
Also it’s unique square design allows it to double as a play surface or changing pad that will keep even the largest babies off the gross floor.
bomb shelter nursing cover
The best part? Jordan sent me an exclusive discount code to pass along to YOU! Enter the code MOMENTITY on to get $15 off, making the cover only $19.99! But the code is only good for 30 days!
I don’t know about you, but I plan to buy several to keep on-hand for the perfect baby gift for people. (To my pregnant Sister-in-Law: pretend you didn’t read that last line!)