Do you worry about the time your kids spend gaming or playing on electronic devices? Have you decided to add even more devices to your home this year? Technology can be a great blessing to our families. But it takes vigilant parents to make sure the experience is positive for everyone   And we have made that super easy for you! kids and tech ipad   MOMentity has just released a downloadable Toolkit to implement an incentive/monitoring program in your home… completely YOUR way.  You can find out more about it (and buy your copy) right over here. Look at all the goodies in this thing! kids and tech contents  I even visited Studio 5 today to talk about it.

If you watch you can find a promo code to get a REALLY GOOD DEAL on the kit but it is only good for today ( December 17, 2012). Think it will  help your family?  You can get yours today. [add_to_cart item=”3001″ quantity=”user:1″ text=”Purchase” ]