Everyone knows I’m all about living out dreams. Here’s a little secret: there was a time in junior high when I wanted to be a news anchor!

I changed my mind a little in college and majored in public relations instead. And then I married a sports anchor, go figure.  As newlyweds, I followed him to Kansas and Oklahoma and watched while he delivered the sports five nights a week.

Well, last week it was my turn to give anchoring the news a try!

KSL graciously hosted over 40 bloggers for a Blogger Meet and Greet night. So much fun! Talk about a “playdate!” It just so happened it was my actual birthday.  I LOVED spending my birthday with so many amazing women!

 When we got there, we each had a custom press pass! Seriously fun!

We got to mingle and meet some of the news team.

Meeting Nadine Wimmer

I was waiting for my turn to anchor my “blogcast” when in barges Tom Kirkland holding a large flower bouquet and singing Happy Birthday! The girls had sent him in and the poor guy thought I was Ashley of Topsy Turvy Cakes already at the anchor desk!


Eventually we got it right!

Then I took my turn at the anchor desk. My heart was racing! Even when it’s not “real” it’s still an adrenaline rush! Now I understand why my Hubby loved this so much!

My friend July from Heavenly Joy in Our Journey and I anchored our very own “blogcast, ” try not to laugh!:

(You can also click here to watch it on YouTube.)

Then we got a chance to see behind the scenes of radio during The Nightside Project. They interviewed us for almost 10 minutes! It was so fun.


You can listen to our group’s radio segment right here!


So I’m curious, what was one of your dreams when you were in junior high??