I know you totally know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to most women it’s a month to increase awareness about breast cancer, to remind women to get their mammograms regularly, to celebrate those who’ve survived, and remember those who’ve lost their lives to breast cancer. But this year, this month isn’t just about that. It’s about reminding women to embrace ourselves and recognize what makes us beautiful, unique, and what defines us as women.

Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself

My friend Courtney from the eclectic lifestyle blog Fry Sauce & Grits started a movement called LOVE YOUR BOOBS, LOVE YOURSELF. Courtney is a bra fitter, bra educator, blogger, and is passionate about women issues. (You guys – she is good! I was able to fit myself AND find two different bras I like ALL ONLINE. I’m not kidding. I just used the information on her blog.)

Courtney created a video where she interviewed a group of women and asked them questions about their relationship with their breasts, how they’ve experienced breast shame, how they feel the media depicts breasts, and how we as women can come to love and accept and love our breasts.

Love Your Boobs, Love Your Breasts Movement Fry Sauce and Grits

“I find that most women have a hate relationship with their breasts and that makes me really sad. They’re either small, large, lopsided, saggy, or too wide, and it made me realize that we need to stop this breast and body shaming because our bodies are beautiful and powerful,” Courtney said. “I hope to inspire women with this Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself video that to completely love ourselves as women, we need to love and accept our boobs. There’s a direct relationship between our self image of and the relationship we have with our breasts. Breasts don’t define us but they are definitely a part of us. I want to bring awareness that this dysfunctional relationship we as women have with our breasts and with our bodies are directly stemmed from what the media portrays to be what is perfect and the ideal of beauty. I want to push the message that we aren’t defined by our breast size and how we as women are defined by something greater.”

Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself Quote FrySauceandGrits.com

Me along with a group of other blogging women from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, ages, shapes and yes breast sizes have decided to come together and to love ourselves and our breasts! You can join in this movement too by sharing a picture of yourself and type what you love about your breasts and what defines you as a woman! You don’t need a blog either! Just tag your photo with #LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and search the hashtag to see who else has joined in.

So go ahead and watch the video, it will truly inspire you to stop breast shaming and start loving your breasts and yourself more!

My Story

I was a “late bloomer’ by every definition of the phrase. I prayed every night for something – anything – a bra could hold. The (decade-long) running joke is I must have fallen asleep praying each night. Before I knew it, I was being teased for “stuffing” that bra – which I totally didn’t do.

I still struggle with a tiny frame and a large cup size (and yes, I actually do think it’s a struggle when you either buy a shirt that fits and worry your buttons are pulling or buy a shirt that accommodates and feel like you lose your waist.)


But put all that aside. The real moment I learned to love myself and love my chest for what it was happened at the young at of 23 when I noticed a (scary) large lump in my right breast. I was still a newlywed, not yet a mother. Few things make you appreciate all the challenges, blessings and trials you have like the thought of the “c-word.”

Soon I found myself in a waiting room, about to see a breast specialist. I looked around at all the much older women in the room with me and my mind couldn’t help but wonder about their story and how they had gotten here. A few doctor’s visits later I learn that the word “benign” is the most beautiful, hope-giving word.

It seems so long ago now, and the literal scar left behind from this experience is smaller than a pinhead. Yet, when given the chance to rally for women, women’s health and body love, I am right there. Every step of the way.

Below are other brave and beautiful women who are sharing their stories of breast shame, breast love, what they’ve learned from their breasts, what they mean to them, and how we as women we can learn to love our breasts and ourselves more! So don’t stop here. Get clicking around, its a blog hop! I hope as you click around (and YES pin these different posts!) you will feel the importance of women loving themselves, the empowering effect sharing each of our voices will inspire others in some way.

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Are you ready to share your story? Make sure to tag your picture with the hashtag #LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself and @courtney_frysauceandgrits to participate in this powerful movement to inspire women to completely love themselves!