This month I’m reintroducing our Meet A Mom Spotlight! I’m so excited to introduce you to Ashley Ludlow, a mom on the verge of accomplishing a HUGE dream of hers – recording an album!!

Mom Spotlight

Ashley, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a songwriter, recording artist and mother of four. And I’m just finishing up my very first studio album. I’ve been married for 8 ½ years, and we live in a small town in Southern Idaho.

How old are your kids?

I have a 7-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son, 2-year-old son and a brand new baby boy who’s 5 months old now.

Ashley Ludlow

What do your kids think of your music? Do they get to hear your songs?

I will probably always say that MOM Resolution #1 (I am valuable) is my favorite. The reason behind this is that if you don’t recognize your value, you will probably not make it a priority to follow any of the other MOM Resolutions. Knowing my worth is crucial to being the best mom and wife I can be for my family. It’s the reason I have the confidence to put myself out there and pursue music. It’s what gives me permission to take the time I need for myself. I just feel like this MOM resolution is central to all the others.

What do your kids think of your music? Do they get to hear your songs?

I’ve actually been quite surprised about this. We sometimes listen to my music when my producer sends over something that I need to listen to, but they mostly just hear me rehearsing. I’ll catch them singing my songs sometimes and it’s so adorable. I’m shocked that they know the words! I got to be on the morning show for a local radio station, and one morning when they were replaying the song I sang, my daughter came running into my bedroom and woke me up saying, “MOM! Your song is on my RADIO!” That was a pretty cool moment for me.

With all your little ones running around, how do you find time to fit in music?

There are a lot of late nights. But, honestly, right now most of what I’m doing is rehearsing when I’m at home. It makes for frequent interruptions, but my husband is really good at helping me watch them while I rehearse or record. Other times, I just have to be okay with having a duet partner.

So, do you record at home then?

Well, I do record demos to send to my producer, but all of the songs on the album have been recorded in the studio.
I record with Greg Mann at Camba Studios .

Ashley Ludlow where I am album

I’m excited to learn more about this album! What’s the name of the album, and can you tell us anything about the songs that will be on it?

Sure! The name of the album is “Where I Am.” There’s a track on the album with the same name that just talks about how all the things that have happened in my life – good or bad – have led me to where I am today. The songs “Ordinary Life” and “Like a Kid Again” will both be on the album. There are a lot of nostalgic sounding songs on this album. It’s almost a nod to the past in a way.

What kind of music do you make? Can you describe your sound for us?

Think Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and old Taylor Swift music combined. I sing piano ballads as well as some folk-pop with lots of acoustic guitar and other string instruments. You can hear sample clips on my website.

Where can we buy your album?

I have a crowdfunding campaign happening right now on my website where you can purchase the album as well as several other great rewards, like custom songs and merchandise. You can watch the video and contribute here:

When is the album going to be finished?

If we hit our crowdfunding goal, the album should be finished up late summer and released in the fall! I’m really pulling for this, because I have been working on this album for over 2 years and I can’t wait to share this music with everyone.

And you wrote all the songs on the album, is that right?


What inspires you to write music? What does the songwriting process look like for you?

I’m most inspired when I’m feeling an intense emotion, whether it’s anger, sadness, joy, or frustration. I come up with a lot of great ideas when I’m driving or out in nature too. My songs usually start with a lyric that I say or that goes through my mind. I’ll think, “That sounds like a song!” And then go from there. Songwriting happens in so many different ways for me. It can start with the lyrics, or sometimes it starts when I’m sitting at my guitar or piano. The trick is to not overthink it. I just have to say what I’m thinking without being worried about how silly it might sound. I’ll often go into the studio with one version of a song, and switch the lyrics as we’re recording. Inspiration can strike anywhere.

I noticed on your website that you do custom songs as well. Can you tell us more about that?

This is something that I really love. I get together with someone that wants a song written, whether it’s for a wedding, graduation, new baby, or any other occasion, and we talk about his or her story. If it’s for a wedding, we talk about how they met, any sweet, personal things about their relationship, and a main theme for the song. Then I get to set their story to music. It’s really one of the most rewarding feelings to sing a song to someone about one of their life stories. There are usually lots of tears involved. Every time I do this, I know that this is what I’m meant to be doing. Music moves people, and I get to be a part of that. It’s really something special.

What is the main message you want people to take away from your music?

The first song that was written for my album is called Wake Up, and I want to share some of the lyrics from that song, because I feel the message behind it is so powerful.

The first two verses describe two different people: one that is too busy and can’t make room in his life for the people he loves; the other is wasting time waiting for life to happen to her (we have SO many distractions to keep us from doing what’s most important, don’t we?) Both of them are not happy with life.

The final verse is about my husband’s niece, who got cancer and was taken too soon from this life, at 7-years-old.

The chorus has the main message:
Wake up

Look up

You never know when life might surprise you

Don’t give up

What you’re made of

Because NOTHING is impossible.

Life passes so quickly. Let’s spend it doing what we know is most important and sharing our unique gifts. I know that for me, the pull to do music is so strong that I can’t ignore it. I know that I was meant to create music and that the music I write wouldn’t exist without the effort I put forth to get it into the world.

You all have a gift that is unique to you, and the world is waiting for you to share that gift. Don’t wait. Stop dreaming, and start doing. I truly believe that you can achieve anything. It might take a lot of persistence, dedication, and hard work, but you can do it. Most importantly, when you share your unique gift with the world, you are able to touch lives and hearts and to influence the world for good.