2013 Mom Mentors

Mom Mentors are an amazing group of women joining forces with our Mothers of Magnitude Sisterhood to help instruct, inspire, uplift and support us as we work to reach our full potential as mothers and individuals. We are not perfect—there is no perfect. But we do have special gifts and talents we can share with each other. That is exactly what these women are doing, and we are grateful!

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Sarah_white300Sarah L. Cook is the adoring wife of author and professor, Dr. Jerry L Cook and the mother of three “CEO kids” ranging from 16 to 9. She is an amazing strategic systems resource both in life and in business.

Sarah has been a direct sales leader for over twenty years, has authored a book, “The Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids”, and appears on Sacramento & Co as a resource for family finances and all things entrepreneurial.

Sarah works daily with clients to introduce, expand, and develop their use of strategic systems to simplify their business life and personal tasks each week. Sarah teaches clients how to use the strategic software to improve audience presence, branding expansion and consistent marketing dialogues.

She feels blessed and humbled to be able to put her faith first, family second, and career third and never sacrifice the things that are eternally important. Sarah’s faves are: zebra print, dark chocolate with chili peppers, ballroom dancing, and creme brulee.

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heather madder

Heather Madder believes in global change.  Her company, Best Life by Design, is a life and business training corporation that supports change by supporting individuals and businesses that have a positive impact in our world.

Heather and her teams deliver cutting edge marketing techniques and systems to help businesses of positive influence maximize their growth.  She also supports the individuals (“Changemakers”) that run these businesses through Belief Breakthrough training, energy healing, and CEO coaching programs.

Heather’s work unfolds in the exciting frontier where spirituality, healing, and business meld together to assist the transformation and healing of our world. Her messages have been heard by hundreds of thousands of people through radio, audio, magazines, live presentations, and her book, Walking on the Ceiling.

Heather is the mother of four precious children and married to her best friend, Dr. David Madder.  She is grateful for the reference point of family alcoholism and childhood sexual abuse that propelled her into the unalterable reality that she is the current creator of peace, love, prosperity and wholeness.  She lives that change every day.

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