I met my husband downtown for our Valentine’s lunch date. The restaurant was fancy, the food was excellent and the company even better. But the minute he asked me how I was doing, I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I should be happier than this. I was surrounded by blessings. So why did I feel such an empty spot?

My husband and I had a great conversation that afternoon.  And I had an aw-haw moment. I realized the admiration he had for me. I realized how important I was to my children. I remembered the value I once saw in myself.

These were all things I already knew but had forgotten and I vowed to never forget them again.  In that moment, I declared: I Am Valuable.

MOMentity Mom Resolution #1: I am Valuable!

YOU are valuable! You mean so much to your families, so much to your children. You are a lifeline to those around you. You have strengths and gifts unique to you.

Why do we moms not have higher self-worth? I believe it’s because we have too many false ideals of what “perfect” is or should be.  THERE IS NO PERFECT.

We need to STOP comparing ourselves to the perfect images we see on Pinterest. We may never have abs that look like that. Our cupcakes might always be lopsided. It is unlikely our pantry will ever be that organized!

Why? Because that particular person who posted the perfect pantry picture is really good at organizing pantries. It’s her thing! What she can’t see—and what you may have overlooked—is how wonderful your herb garden grows.  She didn’t attend the fantastic block party you hosted. Or see the sales presentation you knocked out of the park. And that is why it is OK if your pantry door always remains closed.

The same goes for Facebook.  The Facebook lives our friends share with us on-line may not reflect their lives off-line. We need to refrain from comparing our weaknesses to other’s strengths.

It’s OK if your kitchen floor is sticky, your laundry is piled high and you feed your family pizza for dinner!

Do focus on your strengths and how you can use them to bless those around you. Do compare who you are now with who you know you can become.  Do remember your children are relying on you to be the best you so they can be the best them.

It’s time you remember too. You are valuable! YOU are worth it!