Sometimes the most difficult thing can be paving a way to gain control of our life and schedule. It’s particularly when we wear many different hats and have many responsibilities.

Mom Resolution 3: Define and Protect your roles

It’s important to Define and Protect Your Roles. This means taking a step back and looking into our life, our actual life. Not the life we’d like to have. Let’s be honest here.

What are all the hats you wear, the roles you play?

Which ones are most dominant?  Mine are Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur.

If you are to truly succeed in the important areas in your life and feel a sense of balance, it’s important to create time for each of your roles.

Chances are you will discover you have too many roles and not enough time. So how do you ‘do it all?’  You don’t.

The solution is not easy:  CUT BACK.  What role can you give up?

You must protect your most important roles. Learning to say “NO” is critical to empowering yourself and living a full-life. Living a full-life is living a life free from extra obligations that take us away from those things that matter most.

Saying “NO” will open your life for greater, more fulfilling things.  Things more worth your time.