Once you have decided your most important roles, it’s time to make time for them!

I know this is tricky. It seems there is never enough time.

mom resolution leverage my time

When I was first learning to Leverage My Time, my twin toddlers had just gone from two naps a day to one. Losing that extra two hours a day was already sending me spinning! I could hardly find time to shower! But my new goals were important to me. Joy from living at my full potential was important to me.  It was time to control my time, not allowing my time (or lack of time) to control me.

I looked at my calendar and realized I could find time. But I might have to sacrifice something for it.

I love my sleep. I went years and years as a sleep deprived mom. We just got the boys to start sleeping through the night regularly. But I realized if I woke up one hour before I had to get my daughter up for school I could shower, get dressed and maybe—just maybe—put on makeup.

If I woke up two hours early. I could study my scriptures, do some yoga and make time for my role as a “Work-from-home-MOM.”

It was a plan. Six A.M would come early but I knew time was my resource. My solution? I gave myself a bedtime. Eleven p.m. lights out. No more late nights working in peace and quiet. Accomplishing my goals would require a better use of the time in my day. If I woke up early, I could leverage more time.

Even though I loved the quiet late hours, it was not good for me or my children when I went without sleep.