Now I that I had specific times for Working Me, I wasn’t sneaking off to my laptop every chance I got.  It was time to spend quality time with my children.

I wanted to cherish my children. I wanted to live fully in each moment.

Mom Resolution Cherish My Children

We cuddled on the couch. We made tracks for Matchbox cars, built play dough stations, drew hopscotch on the sidewalk. We played Ring-around-the-rosie and Hide-and-seek.

Have you played Hide-and-seek lately? I don’t mean let-them-hide-while-you-pretend-to-seek-and-fold-laundry. You hide! Pick a really great spot. Get there and stay quiet. When their little feet pass you by, wait for the anticipation in side you to turn into uncontrollable giggles. Feel your own smile stretch across your face. And then when they do find you, it is wonderful!

Few things bring more joy than being TOTALLY present in the moment with your children.

Vow to make each of your children laugh each day. Laughter invites joy.

That parenting column I talked about earlier is called Everything Cherished. Every other week I write about something I noticed that moved me to cherish my children, cherish the moment or learn from the moment.

This has been a wonderful exercise for me! I have discovered a great sense of awareness to the wonderful things my children do. I notice the special moments. Or, on the other hand, I find humor in hard situations.  Like when my toddlers emptied an entire box of cereal all over the kitchen floor. Often, the tuff stuff makes for the best article!

Paying attention to those moments has made me a better mom. I will thank myself years from now that I wrote many of those moments down.