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Years ago I remember a phone conversation I had with a long-time friend. We were at two very different stages in life. She had four children and had just gone back to school. She had new friends and new adventures in her life.

She had just told me about some of the new, extreme sports she had taken up like paragliding and rock climbing. Then she asked me, “so what do YOU do for fun?”

I sank in my chair. I had no idea. I had nothing to say. At the time, my second child was only a few months old. He was a hard baby. Honestly, I was lucky to just make it to the end of the day without completely losing it. And she was asking me, what did I do for fun? Seriously?

The only response I had for her was, “I change diapers.”

Changing diapers should NEVER be something we do for fun!

There are times in our lives when our young children keep us so busy behind the walls of our home that we can’t focus beyond the front door. I understand that. I’ve been there. And—often—behind the walls of our home is where we are needed at that time.

But we must remember MOM Resolution #1: I am Valuable and create time away from our children whenever possible. This includes dates with our spouse. If you are going crazy and need time away it’s likely that he does too! Never forget to nourish your marriage.

Next, let us all note that grocery shopping all by yourself does not count as a vacation! Yes, it helps bring some quiet into our heads and allows a little space to breathe, but it does NOT fill us up. It does not rejuvenate us.

Dates with our husband fill us up. Meeting our sister or mother for lunch fills us up. A Girls Night Out with old friends fills us up!

When you choose to make time for playdates with the special people in your life, you will increase your joy.  I promise.

Let’s get back to our dreams. For many of us, working toward our dreams requires networking. It is also important to find clubs or groups with whom you can socialize and network.