MOM Resolutions were created by Nicole in 2012. She first used them to save herself and find room to breathe. Before these resolutions, she loved her life but hated herself in her life.

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Mom Resolution 1 I am ValuableI Am Valuable

You are valuable! You mean so much to your family and your community but it’s often hard to see your value past the pile of dirty diapers, dirty floors or teenager scowls. We may not realize it, but one of the first signs we have lost ourself as a person in our lack of self-care. MOM Resolution No. 1 reminds us we are valuable and important. We are promoted to remember our unique talents and gifts that make us, well, us. And even if we aren’t bringing in a paycheck, we are still valuable! Why do we moms not have higher self-worth? I believe it’s because we have too many false ideals of what “perfect” is or should be.  THERE IS NO PERFECT. We need to STOP comparing ourselves to the perfect images we see on Pinterest. We may never have abs that look like that. Our cupcakes might always be lopsided. It is unlikely our pantry will ever be that organized! Do focus on your strengths and how you can use them to bless those around you. Do compare who you are now with who you know you can become.  Do remember your children are relying on you to be the best you so they can be the best them. It’s time you remember too. You are valuable! YOU are worth it! To read great articles about this resolution, click here.

Mom Resolution 2 Dreams Are RealDreams Are Real

Dreams are a funny thing.

We’re not talking about the kind of dreams that come to us in our sleep.  We’re talking about real dreams. Goals and desires that rest in our soul.

Many of them have been living there for as long as we can remember. Dormant. Some of them placed in us before we even came to be. Dreams are what we’ve always hoped to do, what we’ve always loved to do, what we were born to do.

We can try to stifle them, or re-prioritize them but they will—at the most inconvenient times—resurface and pound on our heart.

You may ask yourself: Is it possible to do both? Is it possible to raise your family AND revisit your dreams?

I believe the answer is YES! In fact, I believe it is CRITICAL to your happiness.

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Mom Resolution 3 Define and Protect RolesDefine And Protect My Roles

Sometimes the most difficult thing can be paving a way to gain control of our life and schedule. It’s particularly when we wear many different hats and have many responsibilities.

It’s important to Define and Protect Your Roles. This means taking a step back and looking into our life, our actual life. Not the life we’d like to have. Let’s be honest here.

What are all the hats you wear, the roles you play?

Which ones are most dominant?  Mine are Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur.

If you are to truly succeed in the important areas in your life and feel a sense of balance, it’s important to create time for each of your roles.

Chances are you will discover you have too many roles and not enough time. So how do you ‘do it all?’  You don’t.

The solution is not easy:  CUT BACK.  What role can you give up?

You must protect your most important roles. Learning to say “NO” is critical to empowering yourself and living a full-life. Living a full-life is living a life free from extra obligations that take us away from those things that matter most.

Saying “NO” will open your life for greater, more fulfilling things.  Things more worth your time.

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Mom Resolution 4 Leverage My TimeLeverage My Time

Once you have decided your most important roles, it’s time to make time for them!

I know this is tricky. It seems there is never enough time.

Learning to leverage your time is about learning to get more done in less time by using proactive strategies like time-blocking, time-batching and time-borrowing.

When I was first learning to Leverage My Time, my twin toddlers had just gone from two naps a day to one. Losing that extra two hours a day was already sending me spinning! I could hardly find time to shower! But my new goals were important to me. Joy from living at my full potential was important to me.  It was time to control my time, not allowing my time (or lack of time) to control me.

Leveraging my time allowed me to be a great mom to my toddlers and other two kids, make up for a lost nap and still get things done each day that filled my own cup.

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Mom Resolution 5 Cherish My ChildrenCherish My Children

It’s time to spend quality time with your children.

I know for me this is easier said than done. I want to cherish my children. I want to live fully in each moment. Really present.

Do you want this too? Our children want us to want this.

Have you played Hide-and-seek lately? I don’t mean let-them-hide-while-you-pretend-to-seek-and-fold-laundry. You hide! Pick a really great spot. Get there and stay quiet. When their little feet pass you by, wait for the anticipation in side you to turn into uncontrollable giggles. Feel your own smile stretch across your face. And then when they do find you, it is wonderful!

Few things bring more joy than being TOTALLY present in the moment with your children.

Vow to make each of your children laugh each day. Laughter invites joy.

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Mom Resolution 6 Everyone Needs PlaydatesEveryone Needs Play-dates

There are times in our lives when our young children keep us so busy behind the walls of our home that we can’t focus beyond the front door. I understand that. I’ve been there. And—often—behind the walls of our home is where we are needed at that time.

But we must remember MOM Resolution #1: I am Valuable and create time away from our children whenever possible. This includes dates with our spouse. If you are going crazy and need time away it’s likely that he does too! Never forget to nourish your marriage.

Next, let us all note that grocery shopping all by yourself does not count as a vacation! Yes, it helps bring some quiet into our heads and allows a little space to breathe, but it does NOT fill us up. It does not rejuvenate us.

Dates with our husband fill us up. Meeting our sister or mother for lunch fills us up. A Girls Night Out with old friends fills us up. When you choose to make time for playdates with the special people in your life, you will increase your joy.  I promise.

Let’s get back to our dreams. For many of us, working toward our dreams requires networking. It is also important to find clubs or groups with whom you can socialize and network.

Even moms need play-dates. 🙂

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“MOMentity is broad enough that any woman, regardless of her age, will find something valuable. At the same time, it is personal enough that it can be tailored to each individual mother’s circumstances. As I worked through the 6 MOM Resolutions, dreams and goals that I had previously set aside for a later – more convenient time in life – were awakened.” Jamie K.


“After listening to the MOM Relief Kit I feel rejuvenated…Knowing what I want out of life and using these resolutions with help me find my footing in this world so I can live a balanced lifestyle and be the best person I can for my husband and son. I’m excited to continue through the process and apply the 6 resolutions in my daily life!” Leslie B.


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