Mom Spotlight
This month we get to spotlight Ashley Ludlow! She is a mama, a wife, a dream chaser and incredibly talented! She’s working on her first album! You are going to love the honesty she shares with us today.
Ashley LudlowTell us about yourself, your business and your family.
My name is Ashley. I’ve been married for just over  7 years and I have 3 beautiful children. I write my own songs and I am currently working on my debut album. I also write custom songs for weddings, birthdays, homecomings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other holidays and occasions.
What brings you the most joy?
Seeing my children learn, grow, and show love. Another thing that brings me deep joy is music. When the right chords and the right words come together, it’s magic.
Are you living your dream(s)?
I’m well on my way. I’m doing many things that I never thought I’d be able to do just a few years ago. My dream now is to perform on stage for hundreds to thousands of people. I want my audiences to connect with the songs and really relate. I’d love to have a top charting song, just so more people can have the opportunity to hear the music I write. But, I am very happy with my life now and how things are progressing with my career.
What is your favorite item in your purse? 

Honestly, I don’t have a purse. I carry around a backpack! I usually carry around yarn and a hook and will crochet when I’m bored. I also can’t go anywhere without my phone. 

What MOM Resolution is your favorite and why?
This is such a hard question. I’ve never been very decisive. I think the MOM Resolution: “I Am Valuable” is my favorite, because I feel like it’s the keystone that supports all the other MOM Resolutions. If we don’t recognize the value in ourselves, we will have a difficult time doing any of the other things, like defining and protecting our roles or cherishing our children.
What is one thing you’d like us to know about you?
I just want other moms to know that I am not perfect. My house is often a mess and my kids sometimes go to school without socks and with bed-head. I think if more moms knew how we all struggle with similar problems, we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.