Today we get to spotlight Debra from Housewife Eclectic. I SO could relate to her feeling of being lost in motherhood after her daughter was born. Make sure you read to the end, she shares some great photography tips with you!!
Debra familyTell us about yourself, your blog and your family.

My name is Debra and I blog over at Housewife Eclectic, a combination of crafts, recipes, and photography tutorials. I am a writer, professional photographer, craftaholic and most of all mom to a curly-haired four-year-old and wife to a social media specialist. My husband and I have been married for six years, half of which we spent living by the Gulf Coast in Texas and the other half in Utah, where we currently live.

 What brings you the most joy?
Being with my family with all the cell phones off. I love technology, and since my husband’s job includes running Facebook and Twitter pages for a local hospital, it is a big part of our lives, but we make it a goal to spend some time together every week that is phone and computer free. I think it brings us closer together. Photography always lifts my spirits. There is something about having a camera in my hand that can wipe away any bad mood.
What MOM Resolution is your favorite and why?

My favorite MOM Resolution is the idea that Dreams are Real. I spent the first couple years of my daughter’s life lost. Really lost. I knew I loved my little girl with everything I had, but I didn’t feel complete. I felt guilty whenever I did something for myself and even guiltier if I let my child have a lollipop. One day it kind of just hit me that if I didn’t do something, I was going to wake up one day having completely lost my identity. I remembered the things I wanted to do in my life and set goals to achieve them. Some of my goals I complete with my daughter in tow and some I complete on my own, but I think both my daughter are in a better place since I brought goals and dreams back into my life. I am more of the mom she deserves now.

Are you living your dream(s)?
More than I ever thought possible. I still have crazy dreams that I hope to accomplish one day, and places I want to travel, but I get to do what I love every day. I get to spend time blogging, which I love, and I get to work in a job that fulfills me – one that still lets me spend most of my time at home. We have made my daughter a little corner next to my computer, so we can sit and talk while I edit photos or blog, and she colors. That is pretty much my dream come true.
What is the most challenging thing you face as a mother?

Stubbornness. In both me and my child. It has taken me a long time to realize it is OK to give on some things. My husband often laughs because my daughter and I will get locked into a silent war of wills, seeing who will cave first. I am trying to say yes more.

As a professional photographer, do you have any tips for us moms to get better pictures?

I have two tips. One for taking pictures of your kids and one for when you are having pictures of your kids taken.

Tips for taking pictures of your kids: The wonderful thing about digital cameras is we can take as many pictures as we want without having to pay to develop them. Use that to your advantage. Take more than one picture of the shots you want and then pick the best one on the computer later. Take more candid shots, instead of trying to get your child to stand still and pose, follow them around with your camera. Capture them in their element.

Tips for having pictures taken: When I worked for a portrait studio, we had a saying, “When mom loses her patience, it’s over.” I think, as moms, we forget how in tune to our emotions our kids are. It can be hard when you aren’t getting the natural smiles you want in a session, but getting frustrated only sets your kid on edge. I could often coax a shy kid into genuine smiles, as long as mom put on her happy face too.

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