Every month we are going to feature one of our MOMs! It should be so fun and such a great way for you to get to know each other. IF you are interested in being featured just email us at Hello@MOMentity.com.

I am excited to introduce you to Jesseca of One Sweet Appetite. She’s a lover of food and a mama of one. I asked Jesseca some questions about living live and dreaming big. I even asked her to give us some advice for Thanksgiving!

  • Tell us about yourself, your family, and your site:

This always seems so much easier when you read other people writing about themselves! I’m originally from California, but moved up to Utah to chase a boy. Turns out he was the wrong one for me, but I met my husband who was perfect. We welcomed our son three years ago, and boy has it been a challenge! No one tells you how much energy boys can have… 

The staying home thing fizzled out and I’m not back out in the work force, but my blog is going strong. I’m always posting fun and tasty treats! 

What brings you the most joy?

My family and cooking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown in the towel when it comes to food. Sometimes it’s discouraging, but when I have a rough day there is nothing I want to do more than get in the kitchen and whip up some cookies. 

What is one of your daily challenges?

Patience. I am constantly reminding myself to breathe and take things with a grain of salt. 

How do you balance your blog and business with being a MOM?

This is a tough one. Balancing my life was not always easy. In fact, I’d say it’s been chaotic at times. But I’ve found that having a daily routine, and turning OFF the computer after 6, had really helped! 

What MOM Resolution is your favorite and why?

Cherish your children. I lost sight of that for a while. It’s easy to get caught up in chores, work, blogging, and daily surprises. But you children are only little once. It’s nice to let other things wait, and spend some time with the people that are important. 

Do you have a Thanksgiving Day cooking tip for us? 

Start EARLY. Like the day before or sooner. Don’t cram everything into a couple hours. You will be so overwhelmed and stressed. It makes it nearly impossible to enjoy all of that hard work once you are done! 

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