I am really excited to introduce you to this month’s MOM in the spotlight. Jinnia is a VERY talented member of our Mothers of Magnitude Sisterhood. And read on ladies, because she is about to share with you an AMAZING tip to bond with your kiddos!!
Jinnia LowTell us about yourself, your business and your family.
Hi!  My name is Jinnia, pronounced like Virginia without the “Vir.”  I am a mom of two sweet kids, an author/musician and life coach.  I work with other moms, entrepreneurs, authors and leaders to help them feel renewed to work from the inside out with passion and purpose.
 What brings you the most joy?
When my kids’ faces light up while playing together.  When my daughter tells me all about her day at school because she wants to.  When my husband and I go on a date and laugh over marital spats and how much we’ve learned and grown.  When I create accepting places for people to share authentically, and music that helps them connect deeper with themselves and with God.
What MOM Resolution is your favorite and why?

May I choose two?  I love them all, went through the list trying to choose one and kept coming back to my favorite two.

MOM Tip 36-keep a mommy child journalThe first to stand out to me is MOM Resolution #5: Cherish My Children.  It took me years to learn that living in the moment and being fully present with my kids is a good thing.  When I was actively building a previous business, I struggled with balancing time between my family and work and I saw how sad my kids felt.  It broke my heart and I felt guilty going after my dreams.  So I resolved to put Cherishing My Children as priority over business.  Recently I started a mommy-daughter journal and mommy-daughter time where my sweetie and I could write to each other, say when we miss each other, and tell each other things we may not get to say during a busy day.  It has helped us to stay connected and closer!

My other favorite is MOM Resolution #3: Define & Protect My Roles.  This is a frame-worthy resolution!  I think we are always going to be defining and protecting our roles as we do our mom-things.  There is family to take care of, friends to spend time with, food to prepare, bills to pay.  Nicole brings up the all-important ability to say “no” in order to open our lives for greater things.  I am always practicing saying no, and coming up with ways to be direct and kind about it.

Are you living your dream(s)?
One of my dreams is to combine my biggest strengths into a business that meets others’ needs to have excellent emotional and physical health.  A business that can provide a safe place for leaders to come together, get heard and feel renewed so that they can be radiant in their work, from the inside out, rather than perpetually stressed and depressed.  I believe I am in the thick of living this dream through coaching and music.  It’s not always easy.  Sometimes it’s downright hard, but it’s worth it to go after a dream that makes me come alive and inspires others to grow too. 
What are you excited about for 2013?
I am excited to see groups of women embrace their beautiful selves, light up from within, and move toward their greatest potential to use their strengths (and not get stuck comparing weaknesses).  I want more and more people to possess the tools and ability to get out of emotional funks quickly.  I am starting a couple of small groups that will meet through video conferencing and I’m super excited about that.  I am also excited about plans in the works for a short book of quotes and/or fiction pieces aimed at helping marriages survive and thrive.
You recently published a book! Tell us about it.
Yes!  In November 2012, I co-authored and published a book with a friend and colleague, Rachel Sayers.  It’s called “The Queens Journal: A 30 Day Guide to Making Your Inner Home a Palace.” It’s a collection of transparent stories (from our own experiences as mothers and businesswomen), powerful affirmations, guided questions, practical tips, and gentle nudging to help women go from feeling like a worn out workhorse to celebrated royalty.  It’s really about polishing the diamond in the rough that is inside of us.  For more info, feel free to visit http://www.RisingDelight.com.

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