Today we get to spot light Tina, Mrs. United States Ambassador 2013! Tina lives in Idaho and is on a mission to help the next generation of moms (and dads)!
011_Tina_MitchellTell us about yourself, your blog and your family.

I have been married for 10 years to  Corey, we have 3 children.  Two boys (8 and 5) and a girl age 2 years .  We’ve lived in Idaho 6 years.

Along with my dollhouse miniature business, Tinytina Creations, I enjoy teaching people how they can heal emotional and physical ailments through natural medicine.

As  Mrs. United States Ambassador 2013, I was voted “Woman of the year 2013”, for being the most influencial to those around me.

I served the women at the Ada county jail for a year and a half, and I spoke at the men’s high security prison on setting goals. I also worked for a nearby high school’s AVID program as a motivational speaker.

I recently received the title of Mrs. U.S. Ambassador 2013, This will hopefully help me in spreading the word about my youth motivational speaking program “Victors Of Our Future.”


You can find out more about this upcoming program by following or on facebook: Tina Mitchell speaks

I strive to live a life based on God, family, service, honesty, setting goals and working daily to stay positive.

 What brings you the most joy?
Creation, be it in the home with cooking and cleaning and decorating, or in crafts. I also love getting to know people and creating relationships with them.  I love to CREATE my home for my children and husband to make a place  that they can feel loved and comforted. I love to dream and create my own life as well.
What MOM Resolution is your favorite and why?

I have found them all to have great value,  but the “Cherish my children” tugs at my heart strings, because it’s amazing just how fast these little people grow. We get busy being “adults” and have to treasure them NOW. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I try to just remind myself, they are just kids and I will really miss this in the all too soon future.

Are you living your dream(s)?
I am truly living my WILDEST dreams. I am living the stuff that seemed so nuts and “out there” that I never even considered the possibility that it could have happened to me. The best is still yet to come too! I can’t wait!
What wold you recommend other moms do to follow their dreams?
Try to do something everyday, do whatever you can, but always work toward something. Whether it’s writing down ideas, or learning something new everyday, to get you one step closer to your dream. I put myself in a mode of constant learning and progression, and in time I knew when it was time to act. Often times those actions lead me to even bigger and better things that I never dreamed up for myself originally.
You have a really cool vision for teenagers, can you tell us about it?

As a teen I really struggled with self esteem, and was really insecure about a lot of things. I also had a lot of trials most the kids my age never had to deal with. I remember feeling very alone everywhere I went. I’ve seen how trials we are faced with, can either be used as a stumbling block, or a stepping stone. Most people in my situation took a very different path in life, one that seems a lot more rough and unhappy. I was blessed with an amazing skill, I could observe people, and notice their mannerisms. I could  link happier people to certain habits and personality traits. I started to take on the things I liked, and noticed  positive changes in my life and just kept continuing on that path. It was truly a path of self progression that I have been persistent in. My life is dramatically different then most who had some of the same circumstances.  Now I want to help other teens and people do the same.  We don’t have to live in fear, and feel helpless and fall into what I like to call the “victim” mentality. I show them that we don’t have to be victims of our past, we can be victors of our future.  I  help them understand that they can create a positive life. Regardless of what life has handed you.  But you have to want it enough to act.  So I have created “Victors Of Our Future Academy” with some basic classes and workshops that get them thinking a little differently.

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