WE ARE WOMEN OF GREATNESS. We were once lost in our divine role as Mother but have found ourselves again. We know we are of great importance, first to ourselves and second, to those around us.

WE ARE NOT PERFECT AND WILL QUIT STRIVING FOR PERFECTION. Reaching full potential is not the same thing as perfection—there is no perfect. We vow to do our best, knowing our best is good enough. We will not judge another MOM’s best because her best is also good enough.

WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF DREAMING BIG. We will not let society make us feel wrong about our desire to follow our dreams and set an example of goal-setting and hard work for our children. We will nurture the dreams in those around us.

WE ARE STRONG WOMEN WHO CAN DO HARD THINGS. With that strength, we will always hold our family first and lean on the God of our understanding when we are required to do even harder things.

WE UNDERSTAND TIME WILL PASS AND OUR CHILDREN WILL GROW. We vow to cherish our children in the time we have with them. We will teach them to know they are of great importance too.