pandora pickupMan, my house can get out-of-control messy quick! The kids are always willing to make the mess but not so much clean up the mess.

Do you ever have this problem?

Not only is the house a mess but we usually only clean it up at the end of the day before my husband comes home from work.  (Anyone else make a mad dash through the house before your Hubby comes home?)

I did discover a little trick to get the kids (happily) involved in the clean-up process. It’s a game actually.

I invented a game to make the kids clean faster. OK, maybe I didn’t actual “invent” this game, but it really works.  I call it Pandora Pick-Up.

(I blogged about it forever ago at for anyone who use to follow me over there. Since that blog doesn’t exist, I thought I’d share it with you here.)

Pandora Pick-up

I turn on an upbeat song on my phone (I like to use my Pandora app) and we race the song to get the room clean. I help too. We get as much done as we can, sometimes even vacuuming.

We keep score. If we get the room clean before the end of the song, we get a point. If the song runs out, Pandora gets a point!

In less than 15 minutes we can get the whole house tidied up! Fabulous!