Rummaging through my files this week I realized I never shared with ya’ll this podcast I did with Mary Kathryn Johnson, host of the Parent Entrepreneur Power podcast.  In it we chat about being a mother first, working from home and the path we take that leads us to where we are.

As I re-listened to this interview from two years ago, I realized as an entrepreneur, I’m not as far along as I thought I’d be in 2017. And that made me sad. Because if I’m being totally honest, it feels like I’m a hamster on a wheel, not getting anywhere. Gah!

All though in reality, it’s more like I’ve been wandering in the desert of  ‘mompreneur’ land, zig-zagging and then breaking for rest. For months at a time. Because, you know, family happens.

All this time I’ve kept my family first and done my best to reach a hand down to all the other moms who were drowning just like me. While I walk in desert – in circles. And I pray it’s been enough.

This mentor-speaker-author thing is not what I thought it’d look like and I’m not nearly where I thought I’d be.

I’m not much more “advanced” as a business owner than I was at the time of this recording. But I’ve got to believe I’m right where I am supposed to be. And I’ve got to believe that as I wandered the wastelands, God has been strengthening me so that somehow I can better strengthen you.

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