don't judge others


In a recent article I wrote for Motherhood Matters, I talked about 3 ways to increase your self-worth as a mother. Some of my advice was don’t compare yourself to others and admit there is no such thing as a perfect mother.

Though I know many people enjoyed the article, I was saddened by some of the comments a few readers left behind. (I know, I shouldn’t read the comments. I’ll try not to next time.)

Working Moms attacked Stay At Home Moms.  Stay At Home Moms felt the need to defend themselves. Happy Moms felt they needed to justified their happiness.

This has to stop.

We must stop fighting.

We do not know enough—we have not walked in each other’s shoes.

Being a working mother or a stay at home mother does not make us a better or worse Christian.

We are all Daughters of God, raising Children of God.




Please don’t judge.

Just love.

Mothers of Magnitude love unconditionally.