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Somewhere along the line of mothering past and mothering present, we mothers decided we can do it all.

We simultaneously focus on family responsibilities, work obligations and community service. We can locate every lost backpack, kiss away each owie, and answer four questions at once — all while taking mental note of the items missing from the pantry.

We strap our children into their car seats and booster seats and drive them from ballet to soccer to piano. We volunteer in the classroom, manage a household, and then stay up late working on our presentation for the boardroom. We are determined to be good mothers.

Perhaps it’s time to change the definition of what constitutes a “good mother.”

It’s true moms have so many (possibly too many) responsibilities. At MOMentity, we call areas of responsibility “roles.” Undefined roles can lead to a stressed out, sleep deprived mom with an overwhelming schedule.

Licensed therapist Julie Hanks, executive director of Wasatch Family Therapy, explains, “When moms are frazzled and over-scheduled, the first thing to be neglected is personal self-care — sleep, healthy eating, exercise or meditation/prayer. Moms who neglect their personal needs for a long period of time lead to exhaustion, irritability and impatience with family members. Chronic over-scheduling can lead to exhaustion, depression and anxiety.”

As mothers, we need to take care of ourselves first in order to be able to take care of others. It’s like the oxygen masks on an airplane. If they are ever deployed, we know we must put ours on first before we help the children around us.

Over-scheduling often occurs because ….

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In what areas are you over-scheduled?