I’m not the perfect mom.

There are lots of things I can’t offer my children with. I sing them lullabies off-key and can only teach them the difference between a whole note and quarter note. I don’t take them for a morning jog. And it’s really hard for me to patiently teach them life skills (but I’m working on it).

But rather than focus on our weaknesses, we play to our strengths, right?

That is why my children will learn to treat others with kindness, speak well in public and have memories of elaborate birthday parties.

All of my boys have August birthdays. We started the month with a train party. The twins are crazy about trains. I’m so excited to share these pictures with you!

Choo Choo! Look Who’s Two!

As some of you suggested on Facebook when I asked, I did decide to make each of the boys their very own cake and the rest of us cupcakes.

We made a kid-size Car Wash/Train Wash for the little kids to ride their bikes through. It was SO super easy and under $30.00.  You can find step-by-step directions to make your own right over here. They LOVED it!

Who needs forks? Especially on your birthday.