As moms, we can do hard things.

I always knew I can do hard things. But it wasn’t until my third pregnancy that I really understood my own strength.

I was laying on my back, looking at a fuzzy black and white monitor and flashing back at me were TWO heartbeats. In that single moment, life as I knew it changed forever.

identical twins ultrasound

Never in my life did I imagine myself as a ‘twin mom’—I think some little girls do. Not me. But alas, I would be.

Every single day I focused on growing healthy twins to term while raising my other two kiddos. I wouldn’t wish a twin pregnancy on anyone. But I did it! We made it to 35 weeks and 3 days without official bed rest. I can do hard things!

Once those twins were born, the hard work really began. But the joy and blessings that came with them made it all totally worth it!


What HARD THINGS do you do?