round robin giveaway

Do you follow me on Instagram? Well today you totally should!

I am so excited to join a Round-Robin Giveaway with a bunch of awesome bloggers.  The best part about it?  We are all giving away our own prizes and it is super easy and FAST to get entered!  You will have chances of winning cool prizes from every single blogger.  Cool, right?

My Giveaway: 

One lucky Instagram follower will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card PLUS a scholarship to our Define Your Time home-study e-course!

To Enter:

1. You MUST follow @nicole_momentity on Instagram.

2. Go over to our Instagram and  leave a comment telling us what you would do with ONE extra hour each day

3. Then, head over to @Isabellethornton on Instagram to enter the next Giveaway!

Winners will be announced Friday, August 15th.  GOOD LUCK!!