Sensory Processing Disorder

I was just a mom struggling to manage daily life with my four kiddos. More than I would like to admit, most mornings started with yelling matches at breakfast — it felt like I was always fighting with my second child, even over things like how I cut the toast.

Long story short, my “difficult” child actually struggled with Sensory Processing Disorder. So many of you have reached out and shared your heart with me about your own struggles with your “difficult” children. Isn’t it wonderful when we can finally help our child shine as bright and wonderful as we knew deep down they really were?

In an effort to help more parents advocate for their children with SPD, here is a compilation of blog posts I’ve written, companies offering supplies and therapy tools, and other helpful things.

Blog Posts on SPD

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Guest Post: The After-school Sensory Diet

Sensory Processing Tools

My son needed a weighted blanket and our options weren’t great. So I co-founded Comfort Weighted Blankets. But now my Sister-in-law runs it by herself. It’s a great resource weighted blankets for kids and adults with SPD, autism or other special needs.

Seamless socks and compresso tees: Smart Knit Kids

Magazine with FANTASTIC articles:  Sensory Focus Magazine